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Mobile Application


Android LOGO If you are looking for Google Android development, GRID is the company to contact. At our development center,we tap into the high levels of technical expertise and creative skills that developers in this country are famous for.

We know the mobile device apps market very well and have extensive experience in developing apps across platforms. Android software development is one of our key operational areas and we are fully equipped to offer Google Android development for the most demanding of clients who are looking for the most sophisticated apps. Android is a major platform for mobile applications and the number of apps is increasing every day, as is the complexity of the apps being offered. Whether it is an app for download or for internal corporate use, our Android software development abilities allow us to create the apps that clients want.


Apple LOGO The iPhone has changed the face of mobile devices and applications. At GRID, we are an iPhone development company that combines quality, fast turnaround and cutting edge iPhone applications capabilities to offer our customers the very best in iPhone applications development. We understand the business needs of local and International businesses because of the application of similar business practices. Those who have dealt with iPhone applications development companies in Asia will know what that means.

With over 250,000 apps available on the iTunes apps store, the iPhone has the largest amount of applications available among all platforms. The features and functionality that the iPhone offers users means that new apps with increased capabilities and new functions are constantly appearing. The standard downloadable apps offer only limited use for businesses as in these cases the iPhone applications development has been done on the basis of generating interest from the maximum number of users.

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