Our aim is to give the aspirants an idea of what life at Corporate world is really like. The program gives you sound knowledge on technology and invaluable application skills in IT and Management.


Embedded System

Our expertise covers many microcontroller architectures and their development tools. We focus on time-to-market, quality improvement and embedded networking applications and Embedded Internetworking.

Product Development
We develop and manage a full range of PC-based tools and embedded software stacks. Our software is innovative and affordable, allowing more engineers to develop projects.

Our consulting services include prototyping and customized software and hardware developments. With our long experience and track record meeting clients needs, your project is in great hands with us.

Many companies rely on us to provide quality and customized on-site training classes for engineers. Our topics are varied and training can be combined with on-site consulting.

We specialize in customized in-house training classes.

The majority of our training classes are "hands-on" and involve a PC and dedicated training hardware, usually a microcontroller training board.

Career in Embedded System

Embedded Systems are becoming more and more pervasive, touching virtually all aspects of daily life. From mobile phones to automobiles, industrial equipment, to high end medical devices, home appliances etc. Embedded software today sits at the intersection of all the technologies. The growth of different industry sectors like automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, energy, industrial units, biomedical equipment, consumer goods is highly contributed by the development in the field of Embedded Systems.

According to a survey by Frost and Sullivan, an analyst firm, the embedded systems opportunity is expected to touch $360 billion ( in terms of the devices) and $36 billion in terms of the semiconductors by 2015. Another survey by NASSCOM and McKinsey predicts that the jobs in embedded space will increase ten-fold from the current 60,000 professionals to over 6 lakh people by 2015. Companies like TCS, Wipro, L&T, TATA Elexsi, Infosys, Zensar, Tech Mahindra, Patni, VOLVO, NIIT Tech, KPIT Cummins, Airbus etc. are investing heavily in their embedded systems operations in India. With that expectation, in the near future embedded computing will overtake traditional computing and that there may be more engineers working on embedded systems and related services , then on traditional IT. Experts say what IT was in 90's is where embedded systems stands now and is ready to explode. The future is bright for India with it being pegged to be the next embedded systems hub in the world.

A recent study by NASSCOM talks about the Indian Embedded Ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of all the stakeholders in embedded domain namely, the education institutions, end user industries and entrepreneurial organizations. NASSCOM suggests that there is a need to nurture this ecosystem that would catalyze innovation in the Indian embedded industry.


How do we do it ?
GRID mixes the creativity and curiosity of young students with the hands-on education aspects of Science and Technology. With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, our learning methodology takes up innovative and challenging ideas and converts them in to solutions in the form of working robots or engaging science experiments.

Highlights of our pedagogy:

  • • Develops scientific temperament and strengthens curricular concepts
  • • Nurtures creativity and innovation
  • • Develops logical and analytical thinking
  • • Improves observational skills
  • • Builds confidence and motivation
  • • Provides Joyful and Meaningful Learning Experience

Our Vision

To become world’s most respected ELECTRONICS Hardware & Software tools supporting Company in the field of Industrial sector. Continually develop and maintain stronger relationship with our chosen partners.