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Scope of Embedded System

In the present times, Embedded software has found immediate application in telecommunications, defense instruments, railroad networks, consumer electronics, electronic payments, and smart cards industry.

Embedded systems created ripples in the scientific world with its innovation of autonomous robots that could be deployed for personal use. The wide popularity and unparalleled charm associated with robot pets of branded electronic companies, proves the difference Embedded technologies can make for us, and our lives.

Looking at its diversity of applications and potential for production of highly innovative products, Embedded systems can be considered as the primary technology of the future. In the Embedded market we find two major trends.

  • The symbiotic relationship between the Embedded software vendors and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that is the real driver for research and development of new applications based on Embedded programming.
  • The growth and direction of the Embedded Operating System (EOS) market, and the challenges associated with increasing complexity of Embedded applications that demand more powerful, lower cost hardware and better connectivity.

Our Vision

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