Our aim is to give the aspirants an idea of what life at Corporate world is really like. The program gives you sound knowledge on technology and invaluable application skills in IT and Management.




The GRID was founded in 2000 and Centre for VLSI Design and Embedded Systems (GRID) was established in 2002 with an aim to build Low Cost Indigenous Technologies through Research and Development, in the areas of VLSI design and Embedded Systems. Since its inception, GRID has spread its research activities to other related areas like Computer Architecture, Compilers, Parallel/Concurrent Programming. Following are some of the specific research topics we are looking at.

  • VLSI Interconnects
  • Low Power Electronics
  • Low power semiconductor memories
  • Analog-Mixed Signal Circuit Design
  • Sensor interface Electronics
  • Application specific accelerators
  • Machine learning based compilers
  • Multi-core architectures
  • Concurrent & Parallel Programming

Along with research, we hope to nurture young engineers with all the skills necessary for various aspects of Computer Systems Development through strong training work and research oriented projects. Eventually, the lab aims to be a breeding ground for tomorrow's entrepreneurial leadership. The Centre works closely with various companies like Intel, Microsoft, Xilinx, Cadence and Portal Player (Currently owned by NVIDIA).

The GRID offers Internship covering all major aspects of VLSI Design & Embedded Systems, with real time framed to develop strong fundamentals and nurture research activities. Some of these Internships are given below:

  • Digital IC Design
  • Fundamentals of VLSI, including Semiconductor Physics & technology
  • Analog & Mixed-Signal IC Design
  • Analog-Mixed Signal Circuit Design
  • Design for Testability
  • CAD Tools for VLSI
  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Hardware Design
  • Embedded Systems I & II
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Advanced Compilers

In addition to these, the GRID offers internship in basic electronics for the Bachelors students of Electronics and Computer science streams.

Our Mission

  • To become number one & first H/W & S/W in the Industrial sector.
  • Offer innovative & state of the art products to improve Indian Technical Link.
  • Achieve an average annual growth rate ahead of the industry standards.
  • Continually develop & maintain stronger relationships with our chosen partners.

Our Value

  • Honesty & Integrity.
  • Transparent Business practices.
  • Encouraging self-esteem of the individuals.
  • To upgrade the technologically advanced products for the better customer satisfaction, in the process make our own products obsolete.

Our Vision

To become world’s most respected ELECTRONICS Hardware & Software tools supporting Company in the field of Industrial sector. Continually develop and maintain stronger relationship with our chosen partners.